THE TIDE EFFECT - How the world is changing its mind on cannabis legalisation

"The people of California have just voted to legalise cannabis – a decision which will have immense repercussions both in America and around the world, while efforts are already underway in Canada to legally regulate the cannabis market. The Tide Effect argues strongly that the UK should follow suit, and that the legalisation of cannabis here is both overdue and imperative."

Thrive2020 Tom Lloyd Why drug prohibition is bad for policing

Tom Lloyd, formerly of Cambridgeshire police

"The talk will seek to explain why drug prohibition is a hugely costly, counter-productive and harmful failure and why drug law enforcement has a negative impact on policing. The talk will suggest better approaches for the law and policing."

The war on drugs has failed: doctors should lead calls for drug policy reform

"Prohibition laws cost at least $100bn annually but have failed to curb either supply or demand, reduce addiction, or minimise harm, say The BMJ's editor in chief, Dr Fiona Godlee, and features and debates editor, Richard Hurley."

Episode 15: Dr Ben Sessa talks about psychedelic drugs in mental health treatment

"Did you know that psychedelics drugs are at the frontier of a radical new approach to mental health treatment? Marc and Dr Ben Sessa talk about this surprising new treatment approach. How do psychedelics work in treatment? What barriers are to creating a new treatment revolution? What impact is the war on drugs having on gaining access to treatment? A surprising podcast episode that will make you think very differently about illegal drugs."

Guide to Cannabis for Chronic Pain Patients in Europe

"It is a concise introduction into the use of medical cannabis for pain. It includes information on products, laws, science, as well as linking to research studies and further reading.

(This is intended as an introductory guide for all interested in the treatment of pain with cannabis based medicines.)"

Taking a New Line on Drugs

"This report, ‘Taking a New Line on Drugs’, comes at a timely moment for drugs strategy both in the UK and across the world. The special session of the United Nations General Assembly on the world drug problem, which took place in New York in April 2016, represented a missed opportunity to move on from the ‘war on drugs’ and take a new approach, despite the pioneering policies focused on public health and harm reduction being pursued by a number of nations. In the UK, the Psychoactive Substances Act came into effect in May 2016, and we await a refreshed Government drugs strategy later in the year.

‘Taking  a  New  Line  on  Drugs’  assesses  the  situation  in  the  UK  as  regards  rising  health  harm  from illegal drugs, with reference to their context within the wider ‘drugscape’ of legal drugs such as alcohol and  tobacco,  and  sets  out  a  new  vision  for  a  holistic  public  health-led  approach  to  drugs  policy  at a UK-wide level."

Everything you think you know about addiction is wrong

The following Ted Talk by Johann Hari is probablly one of the best we have ever seen on the subject of drug use and addiction:

Global Commission on Drug Policy
"The purpose of The Global Commission on Drug Policy is to bring to the international level an informed, science-based discussion about humane and effective ways to reduce the harm caused by drugs to people and societies."

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
World Drug Report 2015 highlights evidence-based drug prevention and treatment

Liberal Democrats - A regulated cannabis market for the UK
“This groundbreaking report sets out how the legal production and supply of cannabis could work in the UK. It was established in the autumn by Liberal Democrat Health spokesperson Norman Lamb MP. The expert panel was chaired by Steve Rolles, Senior Policy Analyst from Transform Drug Policy Foundation."

Guernsey Drug Strategy Campaign

Guernsey Drug Strategy Campaign

Putting an end to the War On Drugs!

Putting an end to the War On Drugs!